What's in Mobile Learnline?

Mobile LearnMobile Learnline is a new, free mobile application that allows access to Learnline units on a variety of mobile devices.

Mobile Learnline is not a complete alternative to accessing Learnline units via a web browser on a computer, and you will find that some features are limited via mobile. However, it does add mobility to some Learnline features including:

  • Announcements
  • Student My Grades
  • Discussion Boards
  • Tasks
  • Blogs
  • Journals
  • Course Content
  • Mobile compatible online tests

Blackboard Mobile Learn is available on the following devices:

  • iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and iPad (FAQs for iOS)
  • Android devices (FAQs for Android)
  • HP Web OS devices
  • BlackBerry® smartphone devices
    • Download for your 4.3 BlackBerry
    • Download for your 4.7 BlackBerry
    • Download for your 5.0+ BlackBerry

Some mobile systems (e.g. Nokia-Symbian and Windows Mobile) are not yet supported.


The app is best used for short sharp activities including:

  • posting announcements,
  • interaction with discussion boards, blogs and journals
  • assigning and tracking tasks for students

A new recently added feature is the ability to create a Mobile Compatible Test.

It is not designed for long periods of activity and best suited for short sharp activities.

The app may not give access to all key learning and assessment activities in a Learnline unit. It is strongly recommended that you continue to access Learnline via a Web browser on a computer for any of the following activities:

  • Development of learning materials
  • Assignment and assessment activities
  • Creation of tests or quizzes (unless using the Mobile Compatible test feature)
  • Accessing collaboration tools (Wikis, Blackboard Collaborate online classrooms)
  • Accessing content from 3rd party systems available in Blackboard

For further details, please view the "Blackboard Mobile Learn Feature Guide by Device" document.

Staff should also be aware that uploading and downloading content to a mobile device may incur data costs from service providers. We recommend that care be taken, especially when accessing any large files or rich media files. Posting large files in a unit will impact the student’s ability to view the file on a mobile device and have an impact on their data usage.  We encourage you to take advantage of CDU’s wireless connectivity where available.
CDU Staff Wireless set up

No you don’t. But it’s useful to be aware of what tools within Blackboard can be used on a mobile device.

Incorporating the best practices described below into your unit design will provide your students with an optimal user experience. 

Content Areas: To provide access to attached files on a mobile device it is recommended that you do not use the Visual Tool Box Editor to embed attached content. Use the “Attach File” method to provide mobile users with full access to attachments from their devices.

Note: Learnline Mobile will display attached PDF files and PowerPoint files in a default viewer. However, other attached files including MS Word and MS Excel files will require a third party application to be installed on the mobile device.

Discussions: We recommend breaking general discussions into a larger number of more finely-focused discussion threads. Splitting discussions will cut loading time on the mobile device, and encourage your students to reply with more relevant comments.

Media: We recommend using H.264 MPEG-4 format for videos, and MP3 format for audio, as these files can be universally viewed on all devices and operating systems.
We recommend that care be taken, posting large rich media files in a unit will impact the student’s ability to view the file on a mobile device and have an impact on their data usage.

Best practices for mobile-friendly units.

As a lecturer you can update announcements, discussions and blogs, tasks and journals.

Unfortunately you can’t. The units in which you are enrolled will appear in the list. Try using the Favourites list to display the units you wish to display. Click the star beside the unit to add or remove it from the Favourites list.

Currently there is no option to modify the language pack to English; Australian. Units in Mobile Learnline display as Courses.

Yes you can. Click the Star icon next to the unit name to add the unit to a Favourites list.

The files that you can open on your mobile device are determined by the apps installed on your device. You may require additional apps to open various file types on some devices. Search your App store for a relevant reader. A useful app that is available for most devices is DocumentsToGo available for Android and Apple devices.

Email is not currently supported by Mobile Learnline.

Full grade centre functionality is currently not supported by Mobile Learnline. Students however can access the My Grades feature via mobile once you have completed marking in the Grade Centre.

As a lecturer you can update announcements, discussions and blogs. All other content items will require you to access Learnline from a web browser.

If you have created the test using the Mobile Compatible Test tool in Assessments area of Learnline students can take an online test via a mobile device. Students then have the option of either taking the test via a mobile device or as normal via a web browser.  

Note, only certain question types are supported by Mobile Devices;

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Hot Spot
  • Fill-In-Multiple-Blanks
  • File Response (image only)
  • Calculated Numeric

Please see the Mobile Learn Faculty Guide to Mobile tests for further information.

No not currently.

No not currently.

Video resources

Useful links

OLT project teams will be working closely with Blackboard and CDU teaching staff to ensure your Learnline units are available for Mobile.

To find out more about Blackboard Mobile Learn, visit the Blackboard Mobile site or contact Bill Searle from OLT on x 7047.

For a Mobile Learn device demonstration, visit the Blackboard Mobile site.

The Blackboard Mobile Learn Resource Centre contains information on getting started, using the Mobile Learn app, general FAQs and known issues.

Visit the Webinar Replay: Teaching with Blackboard Mobile Learn: Methods, Use Cases and Best Practices

Blackboard Mobile Learn: Supported file types

Applications and features summary

Taking a Mobile Test

Mobile Learn 3.0 Compete Demo

Creating a Mobile Compatible Test

For more information about Mobile Learnline, contact OLT's Bill Searle on x 7047.

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