What's in Mobile Learnline?

Mobile LearnMobile Learnline is a new, free mobile application that allows you to access your Learnline units on a variety of mobile devices.

Mobile Learnline is not a complete alternative to accessing Learnline units via a web browser on a computer, and you will find that some features are limited via mobile. However, it does add mobility to some Learnline features including:

  • Announcements
  • My Grades
  • Discussion Boards
  • Tasks
  • Blogs
  • Journals
  • Course Content
  • Mobile Compatible Online Tests

Blackboard Mobile Learn is available on the following devices:

  • iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and iPad (FAQs for iOS)
  • Android devices (FAQs for Android)
  • HP Web OS devices
  • BlackBerry® smartphone devices
    • Download for your 4.3 BlackBerry
    • Download for your 4.7 BlackBerry
    • Download for your 5.0+ BlackBerry

Some mobile systems (e.g. Nokia-Symbian and Windows Mobile) are not yet supported.

What can I do with Mobile Learnline?

The app is best used for reading announcements, checking grades, interacting with discussion boards and blogs, and accessing attached documents and content items. The app is not designed for long periods of activity via a mobile device and best suited for quick responses or tasks.

What are some of the limitations of Mobile Learnline?

The app may not give access to all key learning and assessment activities in a Learnline unit. It is strongly recommended that students continue to access Learnline via a web browser on a computer for any of the following activities:

  • Assignment submission
  • Taking tests or quizzes unless a Mobile Compatible test
  • Accessing collaboration tools (wikis, Blackboard Collaborate classrooms)
  • Accessing Flash content
  • Accessing content from 3rd party systems available in Blackboard

For further details, please view the "Blackboard Mobile Learn Feature Guide by Device" document.

Are there any costs for using Mobile Learn?

Students should be aware that downloading content to a mobile device may incur data costs from service providers. We recommend that care be taken, especially when accessing any large files or rich media files. We encourage students to take advantage of CDU’s wireless connectivity where available.

Student Wireless set up information


CDU provides access to a 24hr, 7day/week central support desk for Learnline. To access support, please choose from the following options. Please note that if your call is related to Mobile Learnline it is recommended to use an alternative phone to the device that is hosting Mobile Learnline. 

  1. Call our 1800 559 347 telephone support service, then follow the prompts once your call has been answered.
  2. Send an email to learnlinesupport@cdu.edu.au
  3. Contact our online help support desk via our customised support portal

You can also visit the Blackboard Mobile Learn Resource Centre, which contains information on getting started, using the Mobile Learn app, general FAQs and known issues.

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